Our Excavation & Tunneling Services

In addition to foundation repair, we offer our specialized excavation and tunneling services. We hand dig tunnels and trenches for the repair of sewer lines and water lines. No project is too big or too small. At CastleRock we strive to work in a safe, clean and efficient manner all the time. Our certified, professional, engineer is always notified on an excavation project. He will make sure that the stability of your home is not disturbed and advise if any piers are needed in order to further support it. We choose to hand dig with shovels and other less invasive tools in order to have more precision and avoid damage to our surrounding work area. In order to keep your property clean, our team lay out tarps and use other methods to keep the work area tidy to your expectations. All excavation projects are completed on schedule and dirt is backfilled as much as possible, any excess dirt will be hauled off, unless otherwise desired by homeowner.

What Is a Sewer Line?

A Sewer Line is a sanitary sewage system that consists of pipes that are responsible for the transportation and disposal of raw sewage in houses and commercial buildings.

What Is a Water Line?

A Water Line is a system of pipes that supply pressurized, clean water ready for use.

Sewer Line Failure

Sewer lines in houses and commercial buildings can begin to fail due to a number of reasons. The most common reason is based on the materials used to make the pipes. For example, Cast Iron, Clay, and Orangeburg Sewer Pipes can corrode and deteriorate with time. Copper water lines can also present issues when they begin to develop calcium build up.

Other Reasons for Failure

Flaws in plumbing during new construction do not get detected or fixed before the foundation is poured. Therefore, some houses and buildings end up with a faulty plumbing system. Plants and trees invade sewer lines: Many homeowners enjoy the aesthetic appeal plants and trees offer their landscape or simply hold sentimental value to them. However, these can mean a big problem to sewer lines. The roots in plants and trees can cause root intrusion resulting in sewer line damage.

Your Home Foundation and Sewer Lines

The stability of your home foundation is another factor that can contribute or be the main cause of it’s sewer line issues. A shifting foundation can break a sewer line causing a leak. In the same way a sewer line leak can cause your foundation to become unstable.

How to Self Diagnose a Leak With the Following Signs

As a homeowner you should always be aware of the following signs, these can inform you that there is a issue with your plumbing system.

• Stoppage or backup of toilets, tubs and showers
• Unknown odor
• Visible water leak on ground or slab
• Foundation movement or cracking
• Hardwood floors buckle in

Contact a Professional

If you are unsure on the previously stated warning signs, we recommend you contact a professional, certified plumber. A plumber can detect a sewer line issue with certainty by performing a Hydrostatic Pressure test along with other procedures deemed necessary. Each case is unique and only a plumber will determine the magnitude of the issue. Once this issue is assessed by the plumber, our team at CastleRock Foundation Repair and Excavation, LLC will be able to begin with the excavation process and complete it.