Have an open crawlspace or damaged skirting on your pier & beam home? Our team at CastleRock can also help solve that nuisance. Our team also specializes in covering up and repairing damaged skirting.

Crawlspaces Beneath Pier & Beam Foundations

Unlike Slab Foundations, Pier & Beam Foundations include a crawlspace beneath the living space and footings to support the foundation. This crawlspace can serve as a disadvantage to the homeowner if left exposed. Open crawlspaces can attract moisture, mold, rodents, and other small animals to crawl beneath it.


CastleRock offers Pier & Beam Skirting done with stucco as a solution to enclose this crawlspace. Before a project is started, measurements around the perimeter of the home are taken to determine the size of the job. Soil is then dug out on a 6-8 inch depth around the perimeter of the house. Rebar and wire mesh are placed accordingly to required distance that can offer the best outcome. Once all of this prep is done, the first layer of stucco will be applied and allowed to air dry. After the first layer of stucco is dried, second and final layer will be applied to finalize the skirting process.

Aside from keeping pesky animals out, moisture, and mold, skirting can serve as insulation to your home and help with you Heating and A/C bills.