Possible buried treasure at Shoal Creek

Several months ago, the crew at CastleRock came across a very large well that was constructed in the 1830's. Covered by sheet metal, there was a void about 10 ft. wide and 8 ft. deep hidden underneath. We asked the homeowner if we could excavate the well to see what we could find, but unfortunately she declined.

Back at home, I researched the area and found out that there used to be an old road running 10-30 yards from the well. Along this road, there were two events in the 1800's that involved millions of dollars.

The first event involves a group of men transporting 50 pounds of gold who were trying to outrun the Comanche who also wanted the gold. The men realized they needed to lighten their load and hide the gold. The men had later planned to return, but were arrested and the gold was never recovered.

The second event involves the Mexican Government and soldiers. The government sent three million dollars in gold coins to Texas ($50+ million today) to aid in the defense and salaries of the soldiers. Three soldiers ended up stealing the load and claimed to have hid it along the road that leads to Shoal Creek, the same road that runs 10-30 yards from the well. They too were arrested.

Those of you who have been friends with us for years know we are always on the lookout for buried treasure. Follow us for more updates and stories about our search for treasure. If you or anyone you know lives in Hill Country and has reason to believe there may be treasure on their property, please let us know!