CastleRock Foundation Repair is a residential and commercial foundation repair specialist. At CastleRock, we have a team with years of experience in evaluating and repairing both concrete slab and pier & beam foundations.

We understand that a home with structural problems can be unsettling. Our goal and responsibility is to provide the least invasive foundation solution that is affordable and enduring.  At CastleRock Foundation, we want you to have the best foundation possible.

Our Team

It’s important to find the right team to help you navigate through the process of identifying problems, finding the right solutions and getting the project completed on time and on budget.

Our talented team of Foundation Specialists, Engineers, Field Managers and Work Crews, understand Central Texas soils, foundations and the catalysts that cause foundation failure. We will help you identify the underlying issues and engineer a plan to level and stabilize your home.

daniel, Foundation Repair Specialist

After Hurricane Katrina inflicted damage to his home in 2005, Daniel was unable to find available contractors to have it leveled.  Without any options, he was inspired to research and find a way to repair his home on his own. Soon after, a neighbor asked for his services to repair her home as well, and before he knew it, he had leveled more than a dozen homes within a four-block radius. Since then, Daniel has been working with homeowners and contractors to repair foundations and restore homes. Daniel graduated with a BSA in Economics and Management Science. His job includes meeting with homeowners and inspecting their foundations to establish if a foundation repair is necessary. In addition, he works with homeowners to find solutions to limit the disruption to the homeowner’s family during a repair. When Daniel isn’t working on homes, he is spending time hiking, camping and kayaking with his 5-year old daughter.

michelle, Office Manager

Office Manager responsibilities are diverse, they are the core of all projects. They are consistent organizers and planners, they coordinate all aspects of foundation repair with the homeowner. Office Managers set scheduling for crews and appointments for specialists, issue warranties, provide engineer reports / letters, and handle invoicing. Essentially, Office Managers ensure that our interactions with the property owner is fair, consistent and cohesive. Our office managers have spent time in the field and understand the mechanics of foundation repair. They are the best contact for any questions you might have.

carlos, Field Manager

Carlos Oribe has been working in the foundation repair field since he was 16 years old. His passion for his work is what drives him to be a reliable leader for his crews, and his experience has given him the confidence and expertise to accurately pinpoint home foundation issues. Carlos’ job consists of making sure that the workspace is safe for his crews and that jobs are completed in a correct and timely manner. He is on-site daily during projects to ensure a smooth and clean transition to completion. He believes that a customer should be updated and informed during each step of the repair process, and that knowing this information will give the customer peace of mind. In his spare time, Carlos enjoys playing soccer and being outdoors, as well as spending quality time with his wife and children.

Photo by lolostock/iStock / Getty Images

Work Crews

Our work crews provide you with quality craftsmanship.  Aside from being experienced and responsible, they are OSHA trained and certified.

They are organized, disciplined, quality-based and timely in their work. We are diligent about making sure our crews are motivated and inspired. We provide them with tools and materials that are of the highest quality and standards. We want our crews to feel confident that they are providing the best product and service possible. Each morning, before leaving the yard, they review equipment and material checklists to ensure there are no job stoppages during the day. They following proper site work preparation, work flow, and safety processes while at the job site. 


A free, no-obligation foundation inspection is performed by our experienced and knowledgeable Foundation Repair Specialists.

Very often it is determined that repairs are not necessary, we will give you advise on how you can monitor and maintain your foundation. If it is determined that repairs are necessary, a Foundation Repair Specialist will identify the underlying cause of failure and design a repair plan that is permanent, cost-effective and minimally invasive. Each step of the repair process is clearly explained to ensure you understand how and why piers need to be installed .

Once the evaluation is completed, you will have a strong understanding of what is involved in the foundation repair process. Following your meeting, the design plan will be examined and approved by independent engineer consultants to ensure its strength and longevity.